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We are "Ideal"

IDEAL Co., Ltd.

We are "Ideal".

IDEAL Co., Ltd. provides our clients with talented people who have outstanding knowledges and experiences in the field of IT and management markets. We believe it will benefit your corporate growth and innovation which leads to social contribution that you aim for.

C"x"O Consulting

It is the core factor for your company to grow whether or not the top leaders like CEO,COO,CIO solve the issues practically. With professional management point of views, we are not delivering stereo-typed solutions but excellent practical solutions.

Creation and Innovation for Future

Our mission is to pursue innovation and creativity through our works. We believe that we can enhance our future possibilities for the better world. We commit ourselves to keep creating ideas for the sake of making it happen.

CEO Profile

Takeshi Asano

Date of birth: Oct.19th, 1975
Birthplace: Nagoya-city, Aichi Pref.
Academic history: Graduated from Waseda University in 1998 (economics/politics major)

  • 1998 Joined Andersen Consulting company (They changed the company name to Acceture! in 2001) Engaged in IT related consultings and management services in the field of entertainment, communications,and high-tech industries.
  • 2013 Participated in IBM as a youngest director at that time.Played an active part as the main consultant who dealt with strategy plannings and actual practices for the people in manufacturing industries. Had successive jobs as a representative on the medium to long term partnership projects which led to the corporate transformation.
  • 2018 Established Ideal Co., Ltd as C”X”O consulting company. Delivering advices of management issues in order for the top leaders like CEO, COO, CIO to be able to get some practical solutions. Also offering useful suggestions and planning strategies to the clients who have medium to long term projects but they feel difficulties on conducting projects by themselves.
  • Besides, as being a corporate advisor for various companies, Asano supports setting up new businesses and giving useful advices of management strategies. Also as a investor, he starts investing especially for the international entrepreneurs to start their businesses and consult with them.

Company Profile

Trade Name Ideal Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment 3-16-2018
Representative CEO Takeshi Asano
Company Location Head Office: 2-16-7-3012 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Contact Information TEL/FAX 03-3471-4752
Capital 10,000,000 JPY

Our Services

  • Consulting services in general, for corporate management and IT-related issues.
  • Advisory services for C”x”C as a target and supporting implementation of various kinds of projects (PM/PMO).
  • Supporting implementation of strategies of medium to long term projects and IT-related plannings.
  • Supporting set-up new business and global expansion of your company.
  • Supporting corporate innovation by making good use of most advanced technologies.