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IDEAL Co., Ltd.

Working with us

Basically, Ideal Co., Ltd. does not recruit any regular employees. Instead we welcome professionals to form an alliance with us.

Our company is dealing with management projects as C “x” O targets. This is definitely different from general consulting services. As in the company name”IDEAL”, our desire is to form a business alliance with people who can deliver ideal services and ideas to the clients.

We are always available for internships and consulting business training.

Intern & Consulting Training

We are available for internships and consulting business training when you make a work partnership with us or our company representative.

If you would really like to involve yourself more deeply in our company as becoming our team member, please contact us and submit required documents.

As an employee

We will consider the conditions through your application form and interviews and evaluate if you are appropriate and you have enough potential to be our team member.

Those who are corresponding to any of the above, please contact us by filling the form below.

On the subject part, please write down what is your desire and intention.
On the main text, message part, please write down what is your current occupation, speciality , contact information and your requirement.